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Wellbeing Resources to Avoid Health Care Burnout

See below for resources for to avoid health care burnout and promote wellbeing. The Wellbeing Collaborative can help you lead your employees, teams, community and those around you with empathy, flexibility and compassion.

Learn more about the Wellbeing Collaborative’s resources for health professionals, self care for health professionals, and support for health professionals.

COVID-19 Resurgence Support from our Partners at Practicing Excellence“Resurgence for the Front Line” SeriesView Article
A Message from Nikki's PatientHello Humankindness brought together Nikki and her COVID patient from over a year ago. Be sure to listen to this heartwarming story about this patient's journey with Nikki as she nursed him back to health.Watch Now
A Story About COVID VaccinationsListen to this amazing story from Susan McKinley, Site Manager at COVID Vaccination Pods, who shares her story about perseverance while managing the COVID Vaccination Pods around the state.Watch Now
Hearts for NursesA project between the AZ Nurses Association and the community. Watch this video to learn more about the "Hearts for Nurses" campaign and how you can get involved #RNconnect.Watch Now
Guided MeditationsUnited Way of Northern Arizona has partnered with County and Community leaders to develop and coordinate a Social Safety Net Coalition, supporting the people and teams who have supported so many others during this pandemic. These short videos are designed to provide a few quiet moments of respite within the chaos and uncertainty that daily life has become.Watch Now
Keep Spreading KindnessA message from Health Choice Arizona to keep spreading kindness. This year we rose above adversity and learned to appreciate new things in our lives. We banded together despite being physically distanced. We have cared and shown up for family, friends, colleagues, our community, and of course always for our members and providers. Thank you for all you're doing.Watch Now
Tucson Medical Center Supporting Our OwnWatch how the Tucson Medical center is supporting its health care team with resources and support.Watch Now
ANA COVID Self-Care packet for NursesThe American Nurses Association has handpicked a package of free self-care courses to help you during and after this crisis.Learn More
Clinician Experience ProjectSometimes simply hearing the stories of fellow clinicians and identifying with their struggles can lift spirits and restore joy. Here are 3 tips that can help you rediscover the power of purpose.Learn More
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