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support healthcare workers

Support Health Care Professionals

We know that taking care of your family has never been more important. See below for resources to support health care professionals and improve your well-being and your family’s happiness during these times.

Learn more about the Wellbeing Collaborative’s resources for health care professionals, self care for health care professionals, and health care burnout.

Guided MeditationsUnited Way of Northern Arizona has partnered with County and Community leaders to develop and coordinate a Social Safety Net Coalition, supporting the people and teams who have supported so many others during this pandemic. These short videos are designed to provide a few quiet moments of respite within the chaos and uncertainty that daily life has become.Watch Now
Keep Spreading KindnessA message from Health Choice Arizona to keep spreading kindness. This year we rose above adversity and learned to appreciate new things in our lives. We banded together despite being physically distanced. We have cared and shown up for family, friends, colleagues, our community, and of course always for our members and providers. Thank you for all you're doing.Watch Now
Talk SpaceConnect with a licensed therapist — from anywhere, at any time.Learn More

We want to hear your stories.

Please share how you and/or your organizations are supporting each other and health care

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support health care workers
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